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7. How is the number of years of license revocation determined?

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 in

The number of years of revocation is determined by law, based on how many prior alcohol/drug enforcement contacts you have and when they occurred, and whether you refused the breath/blood/urine test.  See HRS 291E-41.  The lengths of the revocation periods are listed on the four- page Notice of Administrative Revocation (NOAR) that is given to you by the law enforcement officer when you are arrested for OVUII.  Here is the table from the NOAR:

“Offense” Means Prior Alcohol Enforcement Contact or Drug Enforcement Contact You Took a Breath or Blood Test, and if applicable, a Blood or Urine Test You Refused to Be Tested
First Offense Within Five Years ONE YEAR TWO YEARS
Second Offense Within Five Years EIGHTEEN MONTHS THREE YEARS
Third Offense Within Five Years TWO YEARS FOUR YEARS
Fourth Offense or More Within Ten Years FIVE YEARS UP TO TEN YEARS TEN YEARS