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5. How can I extend my temporary driver’s permit beyond 30 days (or 44 days for drugs)?

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 in

The temporary permit is only valid for 30 days for an alcohol related offense (or 44 days for a drug related offense) from the date you were issued your NOAR when you were arrested.  There is no extension of the temporary permit unless ADLRO authorizes it under certain limited circumstances (generally through a “Director’s Continuance” in conjunction with an ADLRO hearing).  You must possess a valid driver’s license and surrender it in order to get a temporary permit or extension of temporary permit.

Note that any additional temporary permit time granted by ADLRO in conjunction with a “Director’s Continuance” may be added to the end of the revocation period, if your license gets revoked.  Consequently, some Respondents choose not to request extensions of their temporary driver’s permits even if they qualify for an extension.