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29. Can I request copies of ADLRO case files even if I am not the Respondent?

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 in

Yes.  This is informally referred to as a “third party request”.  Public access to ADLRO records is authorized under the Hawai’i Court Records Rules (HCRR):   

There will be redactions made to the information before it is released, and you will be charged fees for the copies.  Please use the Request for Copies form to submit your request.  The current fee schedule is on the form (subject to change). ). Make sure you provide your phone number when you submit your request for copies in case ADLRO has any questions about your request. 

Required forms are available on this website.  Any fees for copies must be paid before the copies are released to you, payable in cash, check or money order (no credit or debit cards accepted), payable to “State Director of Finance” (not to ADLRO).  Please call ahead to the ADLRO to determine when your (redacted) copies will be available.