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27. I have a lifetime driver’s license revocation for OVUII. What are the steps I have to take to get an ignition interlock instruction permit (IIIP) and then an ignition interlock permit (IIP)?

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 in

This is a complicated process that involves ADLRO, the District Court and DMV (Driver’s Licensing).  Each step must be completed correctly to ultimately be issued an IIIP and then an IIP by ADLRO.  See HRS 291E-61.6 for full details.  Required forms are available on this website.  You must:

  1. Complete the required substance abuse assessments for all of your OVUIIs through Driver’s Education.
  2. Request a “Certificate of Compliance” through ADLRO.
  3. Take the “Certificate of Compliance” to District Court because you have to petition the court for permission to apply for an ignition interlock instruction permit (IIIP).
  4. Bring the original court order to ADLRO, and we will issue you a “Certified Statement of Eligibility for Ignition Interlock Instruction Permit” and give you an IIIP application form.
  5.  Take the “Certified Statement of Eligibility for Ignition Interlock Instruction Permit” to DMV to take the written and the eye tests.
  6. Submit the document from DMV showing that you passed the tests to ADLRO.
  7. Install an approved ignition interlock device (IID) in your vehicle (to be used to take the road test at DMV).
  8. Submit a copy of your IID lease agreement, proof of valid insurance, proof of valid motor vehicle registration for the vehicle in which the IID is installed, and the IIIP application form to ADLRO.
  9. If everything is in order, ADLRO will mail you the IIIP (need to have a licensed driver in the vehicle when you drive).
  10. Go to DMV to take the road test.
  11. If you pass the road test, you must submit proof along with an IIP application form to ADLRO.  You must always submit proof of valid insurance and installed approved ignition interlock device to apply for an IIP.
  12. Finally, an IIP will be mailed to you by ADLRO if all proper documents are submitted correctly.

Note:  After a minimum period of five years from issuance of an IIP, a person subject to a lifetime revocation for OVUII may file a petition in District Court to reinstate their eligibility to apply for a driver’s license in accordance with the procedures specified in HRS 291E-61.6(e).