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24. Can my driver’s license revocation be taken out of the system when my revocation period is over?

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 in

No.  All administrative license revocations for OVUII in Hawai’i are reported in your Hawai’i traffic record (see:, and they are reported in your nationwide record through the National Driver Register (NDR) and the Problem Driver Pointer System.  Thus, your record follows you anywhere in the state of Hawaii, and in any other state. 

All administrative license revocations for OVUII in Hawaii are also reported in eCourt Kokua, which is the Hawaii State Judiciary database; this system is also referred to as “JIMS” (Judiciary Information Management System).  You can publicly access this system on the internet at:   

ADLRO does not remove these revocations from your record; however, if your revocation period is over, and you have successfully completed all ADLRO requirements (i.e. Driver’s Education), ADLRO will update the various systems of record to reflect the completion of your case to help reinstate your eligibility for relicensing.  If you have any other license “stoppers” from the courts, the Office of Financial Responsibility and/or from any other government agencies in Hawai’i or in any other state(s), you must also take care of all those outstanding requirements before you can be relicensed.