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Email Migration to Outlook Information

WELCOME to the Lotus SmartCloud Migration to Outlook information page.  We will be posting information here to assist with your transition.

Top 5 Post Migration Issues

1. I don’t know my password to access email in Outlook.

Answer:  Your email password is the same password that you use to logon to your PC in the morning.
For more information:  Click on the How to Log Into Outlook link in the Resources section below.

2. I think that I’m missing new email after migrating to Outlook.
Answer:  In addition to your Inbox, emails can be located in the Focused view, Other view or Junk Mail.  The Focus and Other view can be turned off in the Outlook settings and is defaulted to off for users who migrated, starting from 5/11/2020.

3. I notice that a lot of legitimate emails are going to my Junk Folder.
Answer:  It is important to regularly check your Junk Mail folder and set any email that does not belong in this folder to “not junk”. This will help to “train” Outlook to recognize what is legitimate and what is junk mail.
For more information:  Click on the FAQs – Outlook on the Web link.

 4. I don’t like the way the messages are grouped together and just want to view each email individually.
Answer:  Outlook message organization is set to Conversation View by default. This is a feature that can be turned off in the settings. If you want to see individual emails, turn off this setting.
For more information:  Click on the FAQs – Outlook on the Web

5. I’m having issues with Outlook while using Internet Explorer.
Answer:  The Judiciary uses Internet Explorer because it is compatible with legacy applications, however, you may encounter issues using it with Outlook. Outlook works better with newer browsers, such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based), so it is suggested that you use either Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) with Outlook.


Use the links below to find out how to log into your Outlook account and more.

Updates Include: Instructions on how to access the Junk Email folder. Instructions on what to do if a legitimate email is routing to the Junk Email folder. Instruction on what to do if junk mail is going to the Inbox.

Updates Include: Addition to the post migration activity list to regularly check the Junk Email folder. Instructions on what to do if users find that new email is missing post-migration.