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eCourt* Kokua

For access to public information from traffic cases, District Court criminal, Circuit Court criminal, Family (Adult) Court criminal and appellate cases.


Extended outage planned Saturday-Sunday, 1/13/18 and 1/14/18

Hawaii State Judiciary technical teams will be performing maintenance and security upgrades over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, with some online services temporarily unavailable from Saturday, 01/13 (8:00am HST) through Sunday, 01/14 (3:00pm HST). 

Affected services include access to External eCourt Kokua, eFiling & JEFS, including the online Bar Application and online document purchase and subscription.  Other JIMS Systems including eJuror and both Jury& Traffic interactive voice response (IVR) phone systems will remain operational, with all services returning once upgrades are complete.  If access is not reestablished by the estimated completion time noted above, please know that the technical teams are actively working to restore access and to try again later.

 Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Circuit Court Criminal and Family Court (Adult) Criminal cases will be available to search on eCourt Kōkua starting January 23, 2017.  All Circuit Court Criminal and Family Court (Adult) Criminal cases from Ho`ohiki will be migrated to the JIMS case management system and viewable on eCourt Kōkua. Only new documents filed starting January 23rd will be available for download and purchase online through eCourt Kōkua.  Circuit Court Criminal and Family Court (Adult) Criminal cases will no longer be available in Ho`ohiki.


Case IDs format: 

  • Very old HAJIS cases may have Case IDs comprised of 4 or 5-digits. To search in JIMS/JEFS/eCourt Kokua you must add the Circuit , Case Type and leading zeroes for a total of 12 alpha/numeric characters. Example: 12345 –> 1PC000012345  
  • For more recent HAJIS Case ID, the entire Case ID must be entered without hyphens when searching by Case ID in JIMS/JEFS/eCourt Kokua. Examples: 
    CR-15-1-5678 –> 1PC151005678 
    FCCR-15-1-1234 –> 1FC151001234 
    1FCCR-16-1-2345 –> 1FC161002345 
    1PC-15-1-1 –> 1PC151000001 
  • New cases created in JIMS/JEFS starting 01/23/17 has the format of “Circuit & Case Type – Year – 6 digit number”. When searching for cases created in JIMS/JEFS as of 01/23/17, enter the full case ID with hyphens or you may omit the leading zeroes. Example: 
    1CPC-17-0000001 — 1CPC-17-0000001 or 1CPC-17-1


Read this before you try to purchase a document or a document subscription. If you are a Judiciary Electronic Filing and Service System (JEFS) user, you do not need a subscription to get documents in your active cases. You may download or print documents without cost from your manage cases screen. Not all public documents are available online through eCourt Kokua and most traffic documents are only available at the courthouse. If there is no pdf icon displayed next to the docket entry, the document is only be available at the courthouse. If there is a pdf icon displayed next to the docket entry in eCourt Kokua, this document is available online for single document purchase or via subscription. However, documents with a pdf icon may not be available the same day IMMEDIATELY after purchase due to delays in document processing. Public documents with a pdf icon may be purchased through eCourt Kokua. Individual documents are available for $3.00 per document or 10 cents per page, whichever sum is greater. Subscriptions are available for $125.00 per quarter or $500.00 per year. A subscription entitles the subscriber to unlimited single downloads of public documents with a pdf icon during the term of the subscription. Do not subscribe unless you are sure you want the subscription. Your money will NOT be refunded.


System Availability

Mon to Sat – 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight, Hawaii Standard Time (HST) Sunday – noon to 12:00 midnight, Hawaii Standard Time (HST) Kokua availability

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Supported operating systems:

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Mac OS X or higher

Supported browsers:

(TLS 1.1 or higher required)

  • Chrome 40 or higher (44 or higher recommended)
  • Firefox 34 or higher (43 or higher recommended)
  • IE9 or higher (IE11 recommended)
  • Safari 9 or higher (OS X)

Supported PDF:

  • Adobe Reader 11 or higher
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eCourt* Kokua Network Troubleshooting

For corporate users who are experiencing errors when trying to access the site via the new url:

To be able to access the new site and its performance improvements you will have to request that the Company IT department resolve why you are unable to make a connection to:

Companies that block all but specific addresses to prevent internet surfing or block all non-standard ports (8080 is considered nonstandard) may experience an error. This is something that must be resolved with that Company’s IT department. The average home user or law office will not experience this error.

For users who are encountering problems with the CAPTCHA feature on the Disclaimer page, please refer to the operating system and brower version recommendations above.

eCourt* Kokua Helpline

For technical assistance call 808-538-5333 or email: For other questions call 808-539-4909 Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except holidays, or email the question to:


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