Kapasen Chuuk / Chuukese

Mi wor omw pung omw kopwe nouni emon chon affeu iteitan fansoun omw kapung, nge kosapw meeni.
You have the right to an interpreter at no cost to you.

Ewe ID Card mi affata pwe en emon kopwe nounou chon affou

Language ID Card

Kopwe print-ini ei kat, iwe ka pwari ngeni chon angangen kapung lupwen omw feito kapung.
Print this card and show it to Judiciary staff when you come to court.

Lapalapen omw kopwe tungor noum chon affou lon omw ewe atun arongorong
How to Request an Interpreter at the Hearing

lfa Usun Omw Kopwe Nounou chon-affeu lon kapung
How to Use a Court Interpreter

Met kopwe fori me mwen omw kopwe feilo kapwung
Tips on Going to Court

Ekkewe ekkoch leni ra pwal tongeni alisuk

Self-Help Centers

For more information about language services, contact:

Office on Equality and Access to the Courts
426 Queen St. #B-17
Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: (808) 539-4860
Email: oeac@courts.hawaii.gov