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Hawai‘i Rules Of Court Amendments

The following orders of amendment have not yet been incorporated into the Hawai‘i Rules of Court made available on the Hawai‘i Judiciary’s web site. Links to the full-text documents posted since 2003 are available in Hypertext Markup Language (htm) and Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). Orders are removed when the amendments are consolidated into the Rules. An archive of orders of amendment is available electronically from 2005. For orders prior to 2005, hard copy versions are available at the Supreme Court Law Library.

Updated: May 23, 2018

Title Filed Effective
Rule 10 : District Court 01/23/2018 01/23/2018
Various Forms: District Court Rules of Civil Procedure 01/23/2018 01/23/2018
Rule 1.17 : Supreme Court of Hawai‘i 02/09/2018 07/01/2018
Rules 1.9(a), 10.1(a), 10.3(a) : Supreme Court of Hawai‘i 02/15/2018 07/01/2018
Rule 5.1(f)(2) : Supreme Court of Hawai‘i 04/09/2018 07/01/2018
Rule 32(a): Appellate Procedure 05/10/2018 07/01/2018