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Video Series: Tips from the Bench and Bar

The Hawai`i State Judiciary is pleased to announce the availability of a video program entitled ”Tips from the Bench and Bar.” A special project of the Hawai`i Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, the program features Hawai`i Supreme Court justices, Intermediate Court of Appeals judges, and practitioners who frequently practice in Hawai`i appellate courts, who are interviewed on practical matters of how to handle an appeal in Hawai`i.

Windows Media Video


  1. Introduction [2:20]
  2. Background: How Cases Get to the Hawai`i Appellate Courts [18:34]
  3. The Importance of Making a Record in the Trial Court [16:43]
  4. The Rules of Appellate Procedure [9:07]
  5. Considerations in Selecting Issues to be Appealed and Argued [20:16]
  6. Written Briefs [24:03]
  7. Oral Argument [52:19]
  8. Courtroom Etiquette, Civility, and Credibility [14:06]
  9. Closing Comments by Chief Justice [2:58]


The Judiciary is working to ensure that the videos above are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you have a disability and are unable to access the videos, please contact a Judiciary Disability Accommodations Coordinator at: