How to Request an Interpreter for a Court Proceeding

Language Services in the Hawaii State Courts

The court provides free interpreters for all participants in court hearings. The court alsoprovides free
language services to help you communicate with court staff outside of the courtroom. If you need help in your
language when you visit or call the court, tell court staff you need an interpreter.

How to Request an Interpreter for a Court Proceeding

  1. You must go to the court to see the Judge on your hearing date.
  2. At the hearing, you may:
      • Ask the Judge for an interpreter.
      •  Give the Judge a letter asking for an interpreter.
      • Show the Judge your Language ID Card, available at courthouses and on the Judiciary website.
      • Your attorney may ask the Judge for an interpreter for you, orally or in writing.
    2. At your hearing, the Judge may ask you questions. The Judge will decide whether you may have an interpreter. If an interpreter is provided by the Judge, the interpreter is free.

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