Alternative Dispute Resolution

 Many disputes can be resolved without litigation through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes. Instead of going to court and risking great expense, broken relationships and lost time, disputing parties can try other processes, such as mediation, facilitation, and arbitration to resolve their dispute.

Could mediation be an effective alternative for your case?

The Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution is dedicated to making ADR processes broadly available to Hawai`i citizens and agencies of state and local government. The Center provides neutral ADR processes that offer opportunities for early, party-driven, efficient, and fair conflict resolution.

Community Mediation Centers

Community mediation centers provide volunteer mediators statewide to assist in the resolution of various types of disputes. Call a center on your island, or in your county, for more information.

Resolution Concerning Restorative Justice and the Concept of Pono Kaulike

Volunteer Settlement Master Process

The VSM process may help you settle your divorce disputes.


Updates, Events & Recent Newsletters

The ADR Times, April 2014, includes a summary of CADR's March 11 forum, "Using Mediation Tools for Public Speaking."

Check out the March 2014 ADR Times, which includes an article on "ADR and the Repatriation of Cultural Property."

ADR Times, February 2014, "How to Say What You Don't Want to Say and Hear What You Don't Want to Hear."  Receiving and giving feedback can be challenging when correction is involved...More


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