Traffic Cases

Most traffic cases in Hawai`i begin when a law enforcement officer issues a citation, commonly called a "traffic ticket."The citation, which is filed with a state court, charges a motorist, pedestrian, or the registerd owner of a parked vehicle (the defendant) with committing a traffic offense and requires the defendant to respond to the allegations in the citation.

For more serious traffic offenses where the defendant is physically arrested and taken into police custody, the defendant's court case begins when a prosecutor orally charges the defendant in court or files a written complaint or information against the defendant, or when a grand jury returns an indictment charging the defendant with committing a traffic crime.



You can admit the infraction and pay the amount written on the citation, either by mail, using the preprinted envelope; in person at any district court; via the Internet; or by telephone at (800) 679-5949. Credit cards (Visa or MasterCard), checks or money orders are accepted. A $25 service charge will be assessed for dishonored payments. Please do not send cash.

  • OPTION 2- Pay in person at any District Court. Credit cards (VISA or MasterCard), checks or money orders are accepted (U.S. dollars only, checks can be made payable to "DISTRICT COURT")
  • OPTION 3- Pay online through eTraffic Hawaii, which can be found on the Judiciary’s website
Welcome to eTraffic Hawai`i, the fast, secure, and convenient way to pay for traffic or parking infractions that are payable without going to court and for which you admit responsibility. Do not use this system if you deny committing the offense(s) you were cited for or wish to explain circumstances mitigating the offense(s).

 To use eTraffic Hawai`i, you must pay the total of the amounts stated on a citation within 21 days after receiving the citation. You may pay by VISA or MasterCard.

This on-line payment system is NOT available if:
More than 21 days have elapsed since you received your citation;
Your citation indicates that you must appear in court for the offense(s) charged;
You have appeared in court and were ordered to pay fines, fees, costs, or other monetary assessments; or
Your ticket has not been entered into the system. It may take 13 days or longer after the violation occurred for your ticket or case to be entered into the court's system. If you are unable to make a payment online after the 13-day period or would like to make a payment before the ticket has been entered into the system, you always have the option of paying by mail using the pre-addressed envelope that accompanied the citation or in person at the District Court.

If you wish to pay on-line by eTraffic Hawai`i, please have the following information ready:

Your traffic or parking citation;
Your license plate number; and
Your VISA or MasterCard.




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