About Filing for Your Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)

When you arrive at Family Court, a clerk will help you fill out the necessary forms. You may also request a TRO on behalf of your children.

More Details Give You Greater Protection

Please be prepared to provide as much detail as possible. Examples of important details include:

  • Dates of abuse or threats.
  • Description of physical or psychological abuse.
  • Information about property damage.
  • Documentation about abuse, including medical and police reports.
  • Information about whether the abuser owns a gun or has threatened you with one.

Your petition may be denied if not enough details are provided.


There is no charge to file the initial petition for a TRO.

After the TRO is Granted

A judge will review your TRO. If the TRO is granted, an Order to Show Cause (OSC) hearing will be scheduled within 15 days. The purpose of the court hearing is to determine if protection should be extended beyond 180 days.

Your TRO will not be enforceable until it is served on the respondent.

Keep a copy of your TRO with you at all times.

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