Child Support Guidelines

New 2010 Child Support Guidelines have been announced in a Family Court Memorandum (listed below as item #1).  State law requires the Family Court, the Child Support Enforcement Agency, and the Office of Child Support Hearings to use these Guidelines for all child support cases.

The 2010 Child Support Guidelines and forms go into effect on August 29, 2010 (listed below as items #2 to #8).

  1. Family Court Memorandum dated August 1, 2010 (Guidelines effective August 29, 2010.  The original memorandum, signed by all Senior Family Court Judges in the State, includes all the following documents as attachments.)
  2. 2010 Hawai`i Child Support Guidelines (All child support cases must follow these Guidelines.)
  3. 2010 Child Support Guidelines Worksheets (Use this to compute child support electronically.  This is compatible with MS “Excel” and the free OpenOffice “Calc” spreadsheets.  Both spreadsheets can run on either Windows or Apple computers.  These are provided separately below as items #4, #5, #6 for those who want to print the blank forms to fill in by hand.  Persons needing assistance to complete the forms can go to Ho`okele on the first floor of the Kapolei Judiciary Complex. Amended version 12/28/10: The Child Support Guidelines Worksheets have been slightly revised.  A calculator has been added to facilitate completing the Order of Income Withholding.  Software "fixes" have been made regarding split custody cases and an erroneous "security" message regarding "macros."  Lastly, a "revision date" will now appear in the lower right corner of the form when the Worksheet is printed.)
  4. Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (This is Appendix A to the 2010 Guidelines and is a part of the electronic Worksheets.)
  5. Extensive Time-Sharing Worksheet (This is Appendix B to the 2010 Guidelines and is a part of the electronic Worksheets.)
  6. Exceptional Circumstances Form (This is Appendix C to the 2010 Guidelines and is a part of the electronic Worksheets.)
  7. Table of Incomes (This is Appendix D to the 2010 Guidelines.  The electronic Worksheets automatically use this Table.  Persons filling in the forms by hand must refer to this Table.)
  8. Checklist of Essential Information (This is Appendix E to the 2010 Guidelines.  This is not a required form.  It is a checklist to help parents gather the most important information for calculating child support.)


Note: The 2010 Child Support Guidelines Worksheets were most recently amended on August 24. If you previously downloaded the excel file, please discard it and download the file again.

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