Child Support Guidelines

New 2014 Child Support Guidelines have been announced in a Family Court Memorandum (listed below as item #1). State law requires the Family Court, the Child Support Enforcement Agency, and the Office of Child Support Hearings to use these Guidelines for all child support cases.

The 2014 Child Support Guidelines and forms (listed as items 2 to #8) go into effect on February 15, 2015.

  1. Family Court Memorandum dated January 15, 2015. (Guidelines are effective February 15, 2015.)
  2. 2014 Hawai`i Child Support Guidelines (All child support cases must follow these Guidelines.)
  3. 2014 Child Support Guidelines Excel Worksheets (Use these electronic worksheets to compute child support automatically.)
  4. The Worksheets in #3 are provided separately below as #4a, #4b, and #4c for those who want to print the blank forms to fill in by hand. Persons needing assistance to complete these worksheets can go to the Ho`okele Family Court Service Center on the first floor of the Ronald T.Y. Moon Kapolei Courthouse at 4675 Kapolei Parkway, Kapolei, Hawai`i 96707.

4a. Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (This is Appendix A-1 to the 2014 Child Support Guidelines and is part of the electronic Worksheets. Appendix A-2 is a sample Child Support Guidelines Worksheet and accompanying Instructions.)

4b. Extensive Time-Sharing Worksheet (This is Appendix B-1 to the 2014 Child Support Guidelines and is part of the electronic Worksheets. Appendix B-2 is a sample Equal Time-Sharing Calculation, Appendix B-3 is a sample Extensive Time-Sharing Calculation, and Appendix B-4 is a sample Split Custody Calculation and accompanying Instructions.)

4c. Exceptional Circumstances Form (This is Appendix C-1 to the 2014 Child Support Guidelines and is part of the electronic Worksheets. Appendix C-2 is a sample 70% of Net Income Request, Appendix C-3 is a sample Additional Children Request, and accompanying Instructions.)

5. Table of Incomes (This is Appendix D to the 2014 Child Support Guidelines.)

6. Worksheet for Self-Employed Individuals With Income Over $13,000 Per Month. (This is Appendix E to the 2014 Child Support Guidelines.)

7. Checklist of Essential Information (This is Appendix F to the 2014 Child Support Guidelines.)

ADA logo graphicIn accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended, and other applicable state and federal laws, if you require accommodation for a disability, please contact the ADA Coordinator at the First Circuit Family Court office by telephone at 954-8200, fax 954-8308, or via email at at least ten (10) days prior to your hearing or appointment date.

Please call the Family Court Service Center at 954-8290 if you have any questions about forms or procedures.

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