Search Engines

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Meta-search Engines

  • Yahoo
    Advanced search engine competitive to Google. Indexes billions of web pages, millions of FTP, PDF and MS Word files.
  • Google
    Ranked #1 in an independent survey. Delivers most relevant search results, first and fast.
  • MetaCrawler
    Keyword searching. Allows searches to be sent to several search engines at the same time. A favorite at the Supreme Court Law Library.
  • SurfWax
    Powerful, focused search of major search engines.

General Internet Search Engines

  • AltaVista
    Provides keyword searching. Comprehensive, good for power users.
  • Excite
    Allows for keyword and concept searching.
  • Hotbot
    Keyword searching. Allows for very precise queries.
  • Lycos
    Fast, easy and efficient way to make sense of the Internet and manage its vast resources.
  • Ask
    Uses "Subject-Specific Popularity" searching.
  • Vivisimo
    Search the Web using their document clustering technology.
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