Awards - Judiciary Price List and Misc. Cooperative Agreements

A price list is a group of common items or services which are competitively bid to set prices for a specified period of time. To view and/or print the following Judiciary price list, you need to download (if you do not already have the software loaded on your computer) the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

DateDescriptionJudiciary No.Contractor
03/01/15 Drug Testing Kits N/A Hawaii Correctional Industries (HCI)
7/1/09 To furnish & deliver Bell & Howell brand scanners to the Judiciary J09144 Century Computers, Inc.
07/01/09 to 06/30/10 Haworth Modular Panels & Related Systems J01234 D&D Furniture

Additionally, the Judiciary utilizes price lists established by the State of Hawaii Procurement Office in the Executive Branch.

Price lists are important if your company sells any of the goods or services requested in a price list. In order to bid on a Judiciary price list, you should:

Review awarded price lists. See above.
Access this website, and go to the Solicitations page to check for IFB solicitations for price lists.
Monitor the State Procurement Office's Public Notice System.

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