Awards Exemption from Chapter 103D & Sole Source

FY 2011

Exempt   No.Posted DateApproval DateProvider NameDescriptionAmountComments
JE11-35 7/5/11   Business Solution Technologies Pprovide support for hardware & software for HR management system $31,412.00  
JE11-34 6/16/11   Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. Services for the Implementation & Migration of data from AS/400 to new server $18,647.96  
JE11-33 6/16/11   IBM Corporation Accept IBM as standard brand server for the Judiciary    
JE11-32 6/16/11   Dell Accept Dell PC as standard brand of PC for the Judiciary    
JE11-31 6/16/11   Dr. Morris Graham

Provide training in human relations, leadership and organizational behavior

JE11-30 6/16/11   Sonitrol replace card readers with Prox Point access card readers $17,591.62  
JE11-29 6/14/11   Commercial data Systems Purchase 2 Sun Microsystem Database T3-2 servers $134,668.20  
JE11-28 6/9/11   Hawaii Justice Foundation 2012 Indigent Legal Assistance Administrator $20,000 nte  
JE11-27 6/2/11   Ace Records Management  & Storage Records storage & retrieval services $32,167.32  
JE11-26 5/25/11   L3 Communications Security Detection X-Ray & Walk Thru equipment maintenance $76,428.00  
JE11-25 5/19/11   Honeywell, Inc. Maintenance of security & fire equipment $26,408.72  
JE11-24 5/19/11   Honeywell, Inc. Maintenance of security equipment $58,600.00  
JE11-23 5/16/11   Century Computers, Inc. For bench warrant scanning services to be certifiec in Kofax and Filenet $125,000.00  
JE11-22 5/11/11   Jefferson Audio Systems, Inc. Upgrade of JAVs system at Hoapili Hale $171,498.50  
JE11-21 5/9/11   Jefferson Audio Systems, Inc. Maintenance of JAVs systems at Hoapili Hale $20,951.88  
JE11-20 5/3/11   Century Computers, Inc. Vendor  to provide KOFAX certified maintenance support $29,534.02  
JE11-19 4/29/11   Various Consultants Conduct interview of victims of crime and/or sexual abuse nte $42,500.00  
JE11-18 4/12/11   Century Computers, Inc. Juror Questionnaire pocessing $58,492.12  
JE11-17 3/30/11   Economy Plumbing & Sheetmetal Peripheral circuitry connections for the JUD's email $23,000.00  
JE11-16 3/21/11   Thyssen Krup Elevator maintenance for Hale Kaulike $70,614.72  
JE11-15 3/14/11   Jefferson Audio Video Systems Upgrade 6 JAVs systems at Fifth Circuit Court $80,725.67  
JE11-14 3/2/11   ThyssenKrup Corporation Elevator maintenance for Kaahumanu Hale $420,306.60  
JE11-13 2/15/11 3/1/11 Jill Raznov GAL service for FC3 $15,000.00  
JE11-12 12/13/10   Century Computers, Inc. Continuation of JIMS Imaging System maintenance & Suuport Agreement $29,500.00  
JE11-11 11/26/10   Audio Visual Company Upgrade & replace network switch for Court Recording System at CC3 $13,827.24  
JE11-10 10/29/10   Century Computers, Inc. Extend Contract J08145 to process FY2011 Statewide Juror Questionnaires through a proprietary scanning software, enabling courts to view and print the juror forms. $59,000.00  
JE11-09 9/22/10   Minnesota Multi-state Contracting Alliance Program (MMCAP) Pricelist to purchase medical supplies- drug testing kits & gloves for Adult Client Service Branch & Drug Court Programs $100,000.00 estimate  
JE11-07 8/18/10   Ke Ala Hoku Temporary clean & sober housing for Kauai Drug Court Clients $8,000.00  
JE11-06 8/18/10   Hope Hope & Healing Temporary clean & sober housing for Kauai Drug Court Clients $8,000.00  
JE11-05 8/18/10   Women In Need Temporary clean & sober housing for Kauai Drug Court Clients $8,000.00  
JE11-04 8/9/10   Boy & Girls Club of Hawaii Assist Judiciary in a Pilot Project Alternatives to Detention $24,800.00  
JE11-03 8/5/10   Otis Elevator Co. Provide elevator & escalator maintenance for Kauikeaouli Hale $541,320.00  
JE11-02 7/15/10 7/28/10 Ace Records Management & Storage provide storage, retrieval & delivery of court records for First Circuit Court $32,167.32  
JE11-01 7/1/10 9 L3 Communication Security & Detection Systems Equipment maintenance agreement extension for the L3 comunication brand security equipment $76,428.00 + tax  

Amendment to Exemption Notices and Awards

Exempt   No.Posted DateApproval DateProvider NameDescriptionAmountComments
 JAE11-10 6/20/11    Kimura, Faye   Court Improvement Coordinator $61,000.00   
JAE11-09 6/28/11   Awo, Anita Kids First Coordinator $15,000.00  
JAE11-08 6/6/11   Haworth Inc. Acoustical Panels & system Furniture PL discount  
JAE11-07 5/17/11   Business Solutions Technologies amend J06023, provide production support for Peoplesoft upgrade $121,000.00  
JAE11-06 5/11/11   Sarah Hattemer Develop enhancements to the Juvenile Statewide Information System $82,000.00  
JAE11-05 3/2/11 3/15/11 Automon Corporation Maintenance of Caseload Explorer of statewide probation database  $50,819.74  
JAE11-04 9/21/10   Sarah Hattemer Develop enhancements to the Juvenile Statewide Information System $70,000.00  
JAE11-03 9/1/10   Sarah Hattemer Develop enhancements to the Juvenile Statewide Information System $62,000.00  
JAE11-02 8/24/10   Jefferson Audio Systems, Inc. amend J07045 safeguard maintenance to JAVs Court documentation system

$35,794      + tax


JAE11-01 7/29/10 08/18/10 Easter Owens Integrated Systems, Inc. Electronic Security Sys Maintenance & Service for Kauai Complex $55,740.00  

Sole Source Notices and Awards

 Sole SourceNo.Posted DateApproval DateProvider NameDescriptionAmountComments
JS11-07 1/14/11   Sonitrol of Hawaii, Inc. maintenance & monitoring of Sonitrol security card access control system $16,649.16  
JS11-05 11/18/10   Commercial Data Systems, Inc. etend maintenance for Sun Microsystems servers used by JIMs office $8,391.70  
JS11-01 N/R 5/26/10 NeoGov maintenance of recruitment & Exam R & E software system for FY 2011 $28,000.00 Approved Sole Source per 3-122-81 HAR

Amended Sole Source Notices and Awards

Exempt Sole SourceNo.Posted DateApproval DateProvider NameDescriptionAmountComments

FY 2010

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