FY 2015 Exemption Notices and Awards

FY 2015 Exemption  & Sole Source Notices and Awards

Exempt   No.Posted DateApproval DateVendor NameDescriptionAmountComments
JE15-49 04/20/15   Business Solution Technologies, Inc.

Production support –of both hardware and software used in running the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and maintain PeopleSoft HRMS system. Also, security issues, system updates and regulatory compliance and other duties as required to allow Information Technology Communications Division (ITSD) and Human Resources (HR) to meet data requirements.












JAVS - Jefferson Audio Video Systems Inc.



Maintenance Service for Automatic Court Documentation System in all eight (8) courtrooms within in Hoapili Hale


$19,580.00 plus tax














JAVS - Jefferson Audio Video Systems Inc.

To purchase and upgrade JAVS in Courtrooms at Hoapili Hale











JP Network and Integration LLC



Network Consultation, Maint., and Installation Svcs, month to month eff. 07/01/15.







Month to Month will end when new contract is executed per RFP J15137.









tw telecom/Level 3



Extend Wide Area Network Connectivity contract J11134 for the period 07/01/15 - 06/30/16 to retain continuity of service until a WAN with greater band width can be budgeted for and solicited.


$150,600.00 per year.



This Exemption Notice replaces previously approved JE15-24 which was deferred in October 2014 until now.


JE15-45 04/07/15   A. Oxford House, B. Friends of Drug Court, C. Poailani, Inc.

Clean and Sober Home is a house designed and operated to provide a stable environment of clean and sober living conditions to sustain recovery and that is shared by unrelated adults who:

1) Are recovering from substance abuse;

2) Share household expenses.

3) Do not require 24 hour supervision, rehabilitation, or therapeutic services on the premises.

4) Meet applicable laws, codes and rules of the counties and State

A. NTE $25,000 FY, B. $450: Average Monthly Housing Fee per Client, C. NTE $5000/FY  
JE15-44 03/25/15   Simplex Grinell Service agreement for Hale Kaulike's fire alarm and fire sprinkler system. $11,799.00  
JE15-43 03/30/15   Security Resources Pacific, Inc. To purchase and expand the current video surveillance system for Second Circuit at Hoapili Hale. Will include seven cameras for building exterior with thirty (30) day storage capacity and add an additional forty (40) days of video memory storage to current surveillance system. $79,265.56  
JE15-42 03/30/15   Honeywell International, Inc. Maintain fire alarm and security services for Lahaina District Court $29,496.00  
JE15-40 02/03/15   Legal Aid Society of Hawaii (LASH) Provide Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) services for Family Court for children and such other parties deemed appropriate by the Court. NTE $205,350.00  
JE15-39 02/03/15   Mr. Malcolm Hong Provide Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) services for Family Court for children and such other parties deemed appropriate by the Court. NTE $513,375.00  
JE15-38 02/03/15   Dean T. Nagamine Provide Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) services for Family Court for children and such other parties deemed appropriate by the Court. NTE $49,950.00  
JE15-37 01/28/15   Shindler Elevator Corp. Extended Maintenance of one Shindler Brand elevator (makai side) at the Ali`ilani Hale (Supreme Ct Bldg.) $20,000 ($4,000/yr) Multi-term contract
JE15-35 01/09/15   Island of Hawaii YMCA Supervised child visitation and exchange services $76,000  
JE15-34 01/09/15   Parents and Children Together Supervised child visitation and exchange services in the First Circuit $83,000

JE15-33 01/09/15   France Q.F Wong Consultant services for the Judiciary regarding Family Court matters during the 2015 Hawaii legislature session. $20,000  
JE15-32 12/4/14   Innovative Concepts, LLC Purchase five simulator training seats for Driver Education $15,000.00  
JE15-31 11/10/14 11/18/14 Jolene Armstrong Coordinate and facilitate Children's First Program for Family Court, Third Circuit $7,500.00  
JE15-30 10/31/14   Security Resources maintenance of wireless Proximity access card system at Aliiolani and Kapuaiwa Buildings $17,366.49  
JE15-29 11/06/14   Aptean, Inc. Annual Cyberquery (report-writing) software maintenance payable through this 3rd party vendor Aptean for use in its proprietary 4Gov Financial System. Duration 09/01/14 - 11/30/15, JUD Contract J14136. $6,559.49  
JE15-27 10/14/2014   Ohanasoft, LLC

Extension of Quality Assurance consultant providing services through JUD Contract No. J12221 to advocate for the Judiciary fiscal officers and staff in their dealings with the JIMS vendor as it relates to the account project (incl. General Ledger) and to ensure accuracy of the information produced by the system for the period 11/01/14 - 10/31/15.


JE15-26 9/16/14 10/2/14 Raymond Zeason Provide mediation services to the Department of Human Services- Child Welfare Cases referred to Family Court    
JE15-25 10/01/14   Argosy University Mental health assessments and services to infants, children, and families; provide supportive services and supports to children to live successful lives with or without their parents; and provide parents with recovery and mental health treatment services through professional internship training relationship whereby the Pre-Doctoral Interns from the Hawaii School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University will be providing services in the form of planned, supervised clinical educational experiences. $30,000  
JE15-24 10/06/14   tw telecom Exemption to extend JUD Contract J11134 To Provide Installation And Recurring Costs For Wide Area Network (WAN) Connectivity To The Judiciary, State Of Hawaii, currently on it's last 12 month extension from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. Extension is needed for another 12 month period from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. $150,600 See item JE15-24b for more information
JE15-23 9/19/14   University Clinical and Research Associates(UCERA)

Coordinate Case management services;

Research & Evaluation Services: design & conduct a formative & summarative evaluation of the DWI Court Program

 JE15-22  9/12/14  9/19/14  Jefferson Audio Video Systems
 Purchase hardware & software updates of the audio/video recording equipment in 14 courtrooms at the Ronald T.Y. Moon Judiciary Complex
JE15-21 9/3/14 9/17/14 Jefferson Audio Video Systems Maintenance service for court documentation systems l9ocated in the Third Circuit Court Courtrooms $16,354.00  
JE15-20 9/15/14   Oahu Air Conditioning Service Provide basic Air Conditioning, elevator room, water treatment, & other chiller maintenance services for Hoapili Hale  $90,000 est
JE15-19 8/26/14 9/2/14 Oahu Air Conditioning Service Replace and program regulator boards for chillers at the Hilo Judicial Complex. $7,805.06  
JE15-18 8/22/14 9/2/14 Audio Visual Company Address audio video issues, repair and update PC to FTR specs in courtrooms at the Hilo Judicial Complex. $10,676.40  
JE15-17 8/20/14 8/27/14 Security Resources Pacific Upgrade Panic Button system at Kaahumanu Hale $10,067.91  
JE15-16 08/05/14   Dr. Steven Choy Psychological Services for Juvenile Drug Court clients including evaluations, assessments, and consultative services. Services to be provided by a licensed psychologist. Services are to identify and address mental health issues/needs that may present barriers to the client's recovery and treatment progress. Not to exceed $10,000  
JE15-15 7/29/14  8/4/14 Simplex Grinnell Maintenance of fire Alarm & Sprinkler system at Hale Kaulike $10.090.66  
JE15-14 7/29/14  8/4/14 Thyssen Krup Elevator Maintenace of elevators and wheel chair lift at Hale Kaulike $29,727.44  
JE15-13 07/30/14   EO Integrated Systems, Inc. Extend and renew a (1) year maintenance contract for the electronic security system located at the Kauai Judiciary Complex $54,500.00  
JE15-12 07/29/14   Jefferson Audio and Visual Systems, Inc. Renew a one (1) year safeguard maintenance agreement for court documentation system located at the Kauai Judiciary Complex. $37,225.76  
JE15-11 6/23/14   Care Hawaii Provide emergency housing for Mental Health Court Clients $3,000.00  
JE15-10 6/20/14   Oahu Air Conditioning Service, Inc. Rust remediation of fans in Air Handler Units $23,200.00  
JE15-09 6/19/14   Century Computers, Inc. dba Pac

Provide document imaging hardware & maint & tech support of FileNet and Kofax to the document scanning and imaging component for JIMS. JUD Contract J14110, C3285, 07/01/14 - 06/30/15

JE15-08 6/4/14   Hawaii Justice Foundation Administer Indeigent Legal Assistance Fund  (ILAF) $50,000.00  
JE15-07 6/3/14   Kone Maintenance of 2 elevators at Kaneohe District Court $55,965.85  
JE15-06 5/30/14   Audio Visual Co. Audio Video equipment for Courtrooms  4 & 15 $45,000.00  
JE15-05 5/28/14   Justice Systems Corporation maintenance of the security system at Kapolei $147,984.00  
JE 15-04 5/22/14  5/29/14 Faye Kimura coordinate & monitor CIP activities $55,000.00  
JE15-03 5/21/14  5/28/14 various emergency housing vendors provide emergency housing for Family Drug Court clientsand families est $4,000 each  
JE15/02 5/19/14 5/29/14

1)Friends of Drug Court Oxford House




Provide clean and sober housing for ACSB and Hawaii Drug Court Clients

 1) $195 fee $450 month

2) nte $33,400

3) nte $5,000

JE15-01 5/07/14  5/14/14 Ace Records Management Records storage and retreival services for First Circuit Court $32,259.20  

Amendment to Exemption Notices and Awards

Exempt   No.

Posted DateApproval DateVendor NameDescriptionAmountComments
JAE15-09 04/21/15   SimplexGrinnell Service agreement for Hale Kaulike's fire alarm and fire sprinkler system. Revised proposal covers 12 smoke curtains, instead of nine. $11,908.26 Prior Judiciary Procurement Exemption No. JE 15-44
JAE15-08 03/18/15   JP Network Integration & Consulting LLC Extended upkeep and troubleshooting of Z/OS, CICS, Adabas, and support of HAJIS conversion for extract of mainframe data for Jud Information Mgmt System; mo-to-mo eff 04/16/15 - 04/15/16. $178,125.00 Month to month extension.
JAE15-07 01/02/15   Century Computers, Inc. dba Pacxa Additional funding toward the Century Computers, Inc. dba Pacxa, JUD Contract J14110, for document imaging hardware and maintenance and technical support of Kofax and Filenet at JIMS. $16,230.36  
JAE15-06 12/17/14   Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. JUD Contract Number: J14168. $364,559.99 Extension of IBM Mainframe Z9 system IGF straight lease JUD Contract J14168 for Hardware Maint and Software Operating Sys, and Middleware month to month for theperiod 01/01/15 – 12/31/15.
JAE15-05 12/12/14   Veracity Consulting Inc.



JAE15-04 12/12/14 09/29/14 Prevention Research Veracity Consulting Inc. Prime for Life study guides for substance abuse clients at Driver Ed. JUD Price List Contract J13199. $75,000 (FY14); $60,000 (FY15)

Log only; Educational material are exempt from 103D pursuant to 3-120 HAR


JAE15-03 08/01/14
Dr. Barbara Higa Rogers Mental health assessment services for Family Court youth who are not otherwise eligible for mental health services from any other state agency or private insurance plan.

Not to exceed $20,000


 JAE15-02 05/22/14  5/29/14 National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges NCJFCJ will evaluate practice improvements & assist the Judiciary with five performance measures $75,000.00  
 JAE15-01  05/21/14   Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. Extension of IBM Mainframe Z9 system IGF straight lease J14168 for Hardware Maintenance and Software, Operating System, Middleware and Z/VM Software Support currently on a month to month lease. 07/01/14 - 12/31/14.  $174,783.29  



Sole Source Notices and Awards*

 Sole SourceNo.Posted DateApproval DateProvider NameDescriptionAmountComments

*No 7-day posting required for software maintenance which is approved for sole source per Sec 3-122-81 HAR 

Amended Sole Source Notices and Awards

 Sole SourceNo.

Posted DateApproval DateProvider NameDescriptionAmountComments



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