Awards - Exemption from Chapter 103D & Sole Source Awards

FY 2010

Exempt Notices and Awards

Exempt Sole SourceNo.Posted DateApproval DateProvider NameDescriptionAmountComments
JE10-33 6/22/10   Audio Visual Company replacement parts & components for digital recording systems    
JE10-32 6/22/10   Various Consultants conduct specialized interviews of sex abused children & provide training    
JE10-31 6/10/10   Janet Davidson Evaluation of Girls Court Program    
JE10-30 6/16/10   Audio Visual Company maintenance of Court Recording Systems    
JE10-29 6/17/10   Anita Awo Coordinator for Kids First $15,000.00  
JE10-25 6/9/10   Bi Incorporated electronic monitoring services of low risk probationers $20,000.00  
JE10-24 6/7/10   Hawaii Justice Foumdation Fund administrator for Indigent Legal Assistance Fund $20,000.00  
JE10-23 5/27/10   Business Solutions Technologies, Inc. Hardware Upgrade of current version of Peoplesoft HRMS 8.9 & consultant services to support new upgrade $293,000.00  
JE10-20 5/17/10 6/30/10 Jefferson Audio Video Systems software upgrade to JAVs autolog 6 for the CT-4 systems at CC5 $49,028.44  
JE10-19 5/11/10   Honeywell Guaranteed maintenance of security system at Lahaina District Court $25,150.72  
JE10-18 5/10/10   National Center for State Courts Conduct security assessment of Judiciary facilities $75,000.00  
JE10-17 5/6/10   Jefferson Audio Video Systems maintenance of JAVs automated Court recording systems at Hoapili Hale $20,052.15  
JE10-16 5/4/10   Jefferson Audio Video Systems purchase JAVS premium plus audio video recording system for Molokai District Court $23,617.35  
JE10-12 11/24/09 12/07/09 Century Computers, Inc. Amend Contract J08213 for JIMs imaging system maintenance & support to resolve scanning issues $29,214.65  
JE10-11 11/23/09 01/12/10 IBM, Inc. Cisco Network and IP telephone hardware; pricing through SPO VL 08-02 (JUD Ref.#J08274)  $839,448.15  
JE10-10 10/16/09 10/23/09 Jefferson Audio Systems Maintenance of court recording system $10,192.00  
JE10-09 10/16/09 10/27/09 Secure Technology, Inc. Additional 80 hrs support services for VMWare/SAN/BladeCenter & Peoplesoft Infrastructure $12,565.44  
JE10-08 9/18/09 10/1/09 Gary Hagerman Guardian Ad Litem services $50,000.00  
JE10-07 9/3/09 8/31/09 IBM Corporation Network Equipment maintenance for continued CISCO smartnet maintenance $403,869.79  
JE10-06 7/31/09 8/12/09 Shred It dispose of depositions, exhibits & other court records for various court programs in First Circuit Court $10,000/yr 3 year contract
JE10-04 7/15/09 7/24/09 Various Consultants Consultants to conduct specialized forensic interviews of alleged child victims of abuse and witnesses to crime; conduct training & case consultation nte $900.00 to $6,000.00  
JE10-03 7/9/09 7/23/09 Eastman Kodak maintenance of Kodak Microimagers, Imagelink Digital Work Stations, Starvue Readers $22,442.42  
JE10-02 6/30/09 7/10/09 DELL Purchase of Dell PCs for the Judiciary WSCA PL  
JE10-01 6/23/09 7/8/09 L3 Communication Security & Detection Systems Equipment maintenance agreement extension for the L3 comunication brand security equipment $72,800.00 + tax  

Amendment to Exemption Notices and Awards

Exempt Sole SourceNo.Posted DateApproval DateProvider NameDescriptionAmountComments
JAE10-15 6/2/10   Haworth PriceList for acoustical panels & related system furniture  N/A  
JAE10-13 4/12/10   Faye Kimura Court Improvement Coordinator $55,000.00  
JAE10-10 1/22/10   IBM Corp. continue to provide IBM mainframe system services to the Judiciary nte 5/31/10 nte $44,000  
JAE10-09 12/11/09   Cyzap, Inc. develop & implement recidivisn plan for ICIS $285,000.00  
JAE10-08 11/23/09   Cyzap, Inc. develop web based needs assessment system for juvenile offenders $41,500.00  
JAE10-07 10/9/09 10/6/09 Sara Hattemer develop enhancement for JUSTIS $50,000.00  
JAE10-06 10/7/09 10/19/09 Century Computers support JIMs FineNet & scanning issues $8,800.00 change to Amendment 1, Jud Contract J08213
JAE10-05 9/25/09 10/9/09 Jefferson Audio Systems safeguard maintenance for Court Documentation System at Kauai $35,794.00 + tax  
JAE10-04 8/25/09 9/02/09 Easter Owens Integrated Systems, Inc. Electronic Security Sys Maintenance & Service for Kauai Complex $55,740.00  
JAE10-03 8/18/09 8/27/09 Faye Kimura Court Improvement Coordinator $55,000.00  
JAE10-02 7/21/09 8/7/09 Ace Records Management & Storage Provide records storage and retrieval services for First Circuit Court $3,228.65 per mon  
JAE10-01 6/29/09 7/7/09 Charles Heaukulani Guardian Ad Litem services $72,000.00 Amended Exemption

Sole Source Notices and Awards

Exempt Sole SourceNo.Posted DateApproval DateProvider NameDescriptionAmountComments
JS10-12 NR 7/2/10 DataHouse maintenance of ELS software system $50,000.00 Approved Sole Source per 3-122-81- HAR
JS10-10 NR 5/13/10 Software AG renew software maintenance for ADABAS, contract J94236 for 1/1/10 to 6/30/10 $59,928.66 Approved Sole Source per 3-122-81- HAR
JS10-09 NR 4/22/10 Software AG renew software maintenance for ADABAS, contract J94236 for 7/1/09 to 12/31/09 $59,928.66 Approved Sole Source per 3-122-81- HAR
JS10-08 NR 4/22/10 Oracle Renew Oracle license maintenance Contract J09137 (combine w/J08245) $137,028.91 Approved Sole Source per 3-122-81- HAR
JS10-07 NR 3/25/10 CA, Inc. Contract J96177, proprietary software maintenance for various mainframe tools 3/31/10 to 3/30/11 $55,579.00 Approved Sole Source per 3-122-81 HAR
JS10-06 2/22/10   Information Development Consultants, Inc. modifications to 4GOV financial software, requisition module to allow a more flexible approval routing process & more security features ~$20,000.00  
JS10-04 1/12/10 1/19/10 International Business Machines Proprietary software maintenance for ongoing IBM for JIMS filenet server for period 1/1/10 to 12/3/10 $39,800.00 Approved Sole Source per 3-122-81- HAR
JS10-03 12/01/06 12/14/09 Commercial Data Systems renew extended warranty for JIMS Sun Microsystem Servers (Sunfire) $8,391.70  
JS10-02 10/22/09 0217/10 First Data Gov Solutions Upgrade JIMs interactive Voice Response System hardware software $146,500.00 2 year upon approval
JS10-01 N/R 07/20/09 Various Software maintenance vendors ongoing proprietary software service & maintenance agreements <$50,000 ea Approved Sole Source per 3-122-8- j(4) HAR

Amended Sole Source Notices and Awards

Exempt Sole SourceNo.Posted DateApproval DateProvider NameDescriptionAmountComments

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