Intermediate Court of Appeals Judges

Note: Please do not call a judge about a pending case.  In most circumstances a judge is prohibited from discussing a pending case unless all parties are given notice and an opportunity to be present. Judges are also prohibited from publicly discussing a pending or impending case.  See Rules 2.9 and 2.10 of the Hawaii Revised Code of Judicial Conduct.

Judges are nominated by the Governor form a list of not less than four and not more than six names submitted by the Judicial Selection Commission. A judge's nomination is subject to confirmation by the State Senate. Each judge is initially appointed for a ten year term. After initial appointment, the Judicial Selection Commission determines whether a judge will be retained in office. A judge may not serve past age 70. See Article VI § 3 & 4 of the Hawai`i Constitution.

Name Title Phone Number Term
Craig H. Nakamura Chief Judge 539-4750 09/16/09 - 09/15/19
Daniel R. Foley Associate Judge 539-4698 10/02/10 - 10/01/20
Alexa D.M. Fujise Associate Judge 539-4004 06/10/14 - 06/09/24
Katherine G. Leonard Associate Judge 539-4751 01/30/08 - 01/29/18
Lawrence M. Reifurth Associate Judge 539-4206 03/11/10 - 03/10/20
Lisa M. Ginoza Associate Judge 539-4752 05/06/10 - 05/05/20
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